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"To become a millionaire is a choice, not a destiny.  99% of people have made the choice of scarcity.  Some are born millionaires, some become millionaires.  If you don’t have the luck, create it." - Dr. Pillai


Dr. Pillai’s new foundational program - Millionaire Yogasm is a powerfully integrated approach to creating and living with increased wealth.  Melding spirituality and science, this 45-day program gives the essential tools for training the body, mind, and soul in experiencing prosperity in real life.


Currently, only 1% of the world population lives financially comfortable lives.

 “The Millionaire’s brain has a different neurology.  Becoming a millionaire is a matter of activating the midbrain and taming the negative cortex.”     – Dr. Pillai 


Millionaire Yogasm is the vehicle for wealth creation, guiding an individual to activate a life full of ambition, clarity and abundance.

The more individuals that use and benefit from Millionaire Yogasm, the more we co-create a global shift toward abundance - both living with it and sharing how we've achieved it - so that everyone receives a helping hand in transforming themselves.


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